Investigating the potential of REL-1017 to treat MDD

The Relight clinical research program is testing an investigational medication for people living with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

How the study works

REL-1017 is an oral tablet taken once daily at home.

The Relight Clinical Research Study is for patients who are currently taking antidepressants.  

Participants in the clinical studies continue their current antidepressant and the investigational medication (REL-1017 or placebo, the inactive comparison pill) is taken in addition to their current medication.  

There are no costs associated to participating in the study

Participants do not have to pay for participation in a clinical research study. The Investigational medication, study supplies, study visits, and any test costs are covered as part of the study.  

Participants in the Relight studies may receive reimbursements for travel expenses.

Study duration

Participants who are enrolled in the trial receive REL-1017 or placebo for 28 days.  

Prior to receiving REL-1017 or placebo, participants undergo a screening period to ensure that they meet all study requirements.  

The overall duration of the study, including screening and intervention period, will be approximately 50 days.    

The study is expected to enroll over 300 patients.  

What happens when the clinical trial is over?

Participants have the opportunity to enroll in an Expanded Access Program if recommended by the treating physician.  

Participants can decide to withdraw from the study at any time.
The Relight clinical research study is enrolling now
By joining this research study, your participation may help change the future of how doctors treat MDD.
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You may be eligible to participate as a volunteer if you:

Are 18-65 years of age
Have been diagnosed with depression (major depressive disorder)
Are currently feeling depressed and are taking an antidepressant